Haunted Horses


The new EP is now available via audio cassette from Cercle Social Records & digitally on Bandcamp.


"The duo of drummer Myke Pelly and guitarist Colin Dawson have been clanging and banging with doomsday vigor over the last five years. Their new "COME" EP proves they're not waning at all in this important endeavor. The new material's a continuation of Haunted Horses' project to make rock grate again. "Assembly" rumbles and judders with the corrosive power of early Killing Joke. It's a steel-gray alarm bell to wake up and smell the smoldering rubble." - The Stranger 


Recorded by Myke Pelly at Crybaby Studios
Mixed by Myke Pelly and Blake Bickel
Mastered by Blake Bickel
Artwork by Myke Pelly



This 2013 full-length album is available in digital format.


"Haunted Horses' album Watcher roves its eyes down tight catacomb passages. Tamped-earth elements of industrial and experimental noise cast post-rock, death-psych shadows. Corroded loops seep in and cycle under veiled, moaning vocals. There is a possessed tension to the songs—a dissonance that's by design." - The Stranger

"These tracks are free-form and impressionistic, steering well clear of anything even closely resembling new wave in favor of hypnotic marches and schizophrenic song structures that veer wildly from robotic repetition to explosions of volume and dissonance and back again just as suddenly." - CVLT Nation


Recorded by Justin Wilmore at Crybaby Studios in Seattle, WA
Mixed by Myke Pelly and Justin Wilmore
Album Artwork by Myke Pelly
Mastered by Jack Shirley